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d a n   t a u l a p a p a   m c m u l l i n

dan taulapapa mcmullin
O Taulaitu  (2012)
Acrylic transfer collage and oil paint on canvas
4 ft x 4 ft​ (123 cm x 123 cm)
​Collection of the Artist

dan taulapapa mcmullin
Mana and Ea (2013)
Vinyl and oil paint, 
and acrylic transfer collage 
on canvas on panel
8 ft x 6 ft (246 cm x 185 cm)​
Private Collection, Honolulu, Hawai'i
dan taulapapa mcmullin
Dancing Queen  (2012)
oil paint on photograph on panel
4 ft x 4 ft (123 cm x 123 cm)​
Private Collection, Dana Point, 
Manatu (2013)
Oil on canvas on panel
48 in x 48 in (122 cm x 122 cm)
Collection Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai'i
Tiki II (2013)
Photograph print on mylar phototransparency on panel, 
print 1 of 4
42 in x 32 in (106 cm x 82 cm)
Private Collection, Dana Point, California
Collected Poems of 
Dan Taulapapa McMullin
University of Arizona Press

2013 American Library Association Top Ten LGBT Books of the Year List

Book cover: detail Pink Heaven 
by Dan Taulapapa McMullin
Collection of Artist
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Installation Rose Gallery Hudson NY, Feb. 12 - Mar. 13, 2016
on right:  Where Are We Now? What are we? Where Are We Going?, 2016
oil and acrylic and oil stick on linen, 48" x 48"
Aue Away (2016) Installation
for AMNH  October 2016, New York
Aue Away (2016) Installation @AMNH
Detail photo-collage on aluminum Soa

July 2017
Aue Away, a Performance 
Metropolitan Museum NYC
dan taulapapa mcmullin
Queer Voyage (2019)
Series of 12 Photo-Collage Prints on Paper
16 inches x 12 inches each
from exhibition iBiennale Honolulu 2019
from Theirstory (2020) installation of book pages (photo-collage on paper)

Portrait of a Faafafine (2020)
acrylic on panel
showing in Hudson Eye 2020